Product ID (CnK#000137)

Rs.24,500 PKR Rs.35,000 PKR

Cobbler&kolachi offers made-to-order product which requires for 15 working days for delivery of the order. Because Cobbler&kolachi offers only premium handmade shoes for men, assembled with handpicked pure leather, hand-stitched to the most comfortable sole, hand-painted, haute couture level of design and aesthetics, resulting in marvellous pair of shoes, an artisans imagination brought to reality, with every shoes assembled in it’s own unique design and class that is inimitable.

Cobbler & Kolachi take pride in carving the crocodile embossed monk loafers for men, embellished with brown handcrafted calfskin leather, handmade design that intensifies your personality


  • 100% percent pure calf leather
  • Hand stitched shoes.
  • Hand painted
  • Upper, sole lining and inner sole handmade and 100% leather.
  • Customisable shoes
  • Trouble-free refunds
  • ✔Two year stitching warranty
  • Marvellous after sale services

The art of handcrafted shoes considered an endangered art threatened by the mass production skill of machines and convenience that these shoe producing organizations offer. The founder of Cobbler&Kolachi abominated the decline in quality of shoes compared to their price whilst the real art of handmade shoes was facing the threat of extinction due to lack of sales and designs. The aesthetic sense of founder blended with the picturesque art of handmade shoes gave birth to the brand founded at the heart of Pakistan’s most famous city renowned for its highly skilled Cobblers, Karachi. Cobbler&Kolachi true to its pledges aims to reach the peak of professionalism and conquer the market with the help of this professionalism and high quality.

Cobbler&Kolachi the cosmopolitan brand that vows to deliver men’s luxury footwear that embody the delicate and real art of handcrafting that intensifies the personality of those wearing it. Cobbler&Kolachi inspired by the declining quality of shoes and conserve the diminishing art&skil of handmade shoes. The aim of conserving the delicate of art of handmade shoes pushed towards extinction in Pakistan by the factors such as convenience and lack of knowledge about this art in the new generation has been driving force behind the realization of the idea of Cobbler&Kolachi.

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